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For more than 8 years, tinypip fx has been providing the best trading experience in the currency market. We have researched and designed trading systems that are both easy to use and profitable.  New traders from all over the world find us to be the best place to learn and to trade.

Tinypip fx was created by traders just like you who have been scammed and tired of the old way of trading. Every year we release our latest trading strategy base on our simple principle of keeping things as simple as possible and use more than our chart and a couple of well kept secrets indicators.

For those of you who have never trade with us before let's find out what and how we trade.

Most people, especially those new to trading, start learning to trade by reading books and try different trading systems on blogs and forums. Others start by purchasing the latest trading strategy to hit the market. At the same time, a very small group of people are making money day in and day out trading with nothing more than a chart and single indicator.

Don’t get me wrong, I read books as well. I am just smart enough not to follow them. I think the more you read about how to trade, the more you get confused and finally you are worst then when you first get started.

Statistically, very few forex traders really make money in trading. If you were to look At the chart of those that are making money in forex, you will realize that they using almost nothing on their charts.

I am going to share with you what I have learned and what works. I want to warn you about my system. It is so simple that you will be ashamed for not discovered this on your own.

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Why you should trade with us?

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